Reverend Charles Harvin is the fifth illustrious pastor of the Zion Baptist Church in the Village of Harlem, New York City. Reverend Harvin received his call and laws licensed to the Gospel Ministry in 1976. On September 10, 1981, he ordained by Council of Churches of the City of New York. On October 7, 1981, Reverend Harvin became and continues to serve as the Pastor of Zion Baptist Church.
Reverend Harvin hails from Lane, South Carolina. He is the seventh of ten children born to the late David and Theo Harvin. Reverend Harvin graduated from Blakeley High School in 1963 and attended the Williamsburg Training School in South Carolina. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Rochville University in 1967 where he received a BA in Theology and Biblical Counseling. He studied Theological Ethics at Hampton University. He received his MA  in Theology from Rochville University. He graduated Magna Cum Laude and received the Theology and Biblical Studies Award of Excellence.
Reverend Harvin's professional life boasts postings in a variety of fields. He was employed by the Appeal Printing Company-- a financial printing firm, for over twenty years. He served as an advisor to several corporations in New York City, including the Occupational Hygiene Center of NYC, Inc. in 1985, Welstart Publications in 1986 and Batson Associates in 1988.
Reverend Harvin was also an esteemed service member of The United States Army. He served for three years on active duty and twenty-one years of distinguished service as a Chaplain for the New York National Guard. During this time he was the supervisor of the Armory's Anti-Terrorist Agency. He also served as Site Commander-in-Charge of security at a multi-family housing complex.
A staunch supporter of the New York City community, Reverend Harvin served as President of the Sharon Housing Development Corporation and a member of the Manhattan Needy Food Council. He is a recipient of both the Council of Supervisors and Administrators (CSA) Award, the Dr. Martin Luther King Leadership Award and a 2003 recipient of the NAACP Heritage Award,
Reverend Harvin was co-advisor and wrote the Foreword to Overcoming Stress and Everything You Need to Know, which was edited by Dr. Horace W. Batson and Gary Batson, MA, of Welstar Publications in 1986. He also co-authored and wrote a chapter in Power of the Word, which is registered with the Library of Congress.

  Reverend Harvin served as the 2nd Vice- President of the Baptist Minister's Evening Conference of Greater New York and Vicinity. Reverend Harvin's accomplishments and endeavors attest to his effortless and untiring commitment to God, the Church and the Community.
Reverend Harvin is visionary. His faith and belief in God provide his strong leadership skill that he experiences and strong leadership skills prepared formed . He has also established many ministries in the church. under the umbrella of Zion Baptist Church include the development of a Psychiatric Screening Center, an annual coat drive that distribute over 300 coats to those in need, and Food Program for the Needy that has feed approximately 500,000 people. Reverend Harvin was the husband of the late Evangelist Earlene P. Harvin, the First Lady of Zion Baptist Church. They have two sons, one daughter, and three grandchildren.